Saturday, March 22, 2008

Little cutie

She loves me, she loves me not
Let me know what one you like??
Tried it with a hat
Not sure about the hat.
Silly hat!!!

Alex's Little Cutie Pictures

We used Ella as a prop for Alex's pictures. She's supposed to be his "love interest"
It is to hard to choose which one is cutest.

I kinda like this one of him looking at the picture
This is another good one sniffing the flower.

Saturday Fun

McDonalds for lunch after the egg hunt.
Not sure what he was thinking here.
Finding eggs and candy at Aunt Sue's. Mmmmm candy from a shoe.
Nick's idea of fun.
Baby Austin's first Easter.

Easter Egg Hunting

It was very busy at the egg hunt this year. The sun actually came out!!
I was the basket holder while Alex ran for the eggs. He did pretty well this year, as long as the Easter Bunny didn't get close to him, he's scary!!
Lookin' through the loot.

OK!!! Here's new pictures.

Nick bowled on a youth league this year on Tuesdays. It was 2 person teams. He was on a team with one of his friends little sisters.

His partner could not attend the "Championship Game", but he didn't need her. Their team fininshed in 1st place!!!! Way to go Nick.

This was the whole group.